Who is N.O.H.A?

Noha Abdel-Tawab is a passionate Creative Writer, who believes pain is essential to our lives. One should learn to embrace it and accept any incidents it encounters, in order to become a better person. Consequently, self-development is what drives her on a daily basis. She loves details, exploring people and making new friends, and Blueberry Cheesecake. Friends find her wise, analytical, and a good listener. She appreciates deep, meaningful conversations.

Like most writers, she seeks thrill and inspiration, yet stability at the same time. She's proud she's different. She has contributed in various magazines and online portals along the years, while managing her own blog. She dreams of writing a bestseller book one day.

Adding to her years of expertise, she has managed to specialize in various fields besides Creative Writing and Journalism; such as Copy Editing, Literary Translation, Content Management, and Digital Marketing. Presenting creative ideas on how to increase more readers to any publication or an online media portal is her add-on skill. She supports genuine advertising and promotions, publications that spread value, productive media/PR relations, and charitable causes.

In addition, she has high management skills and professional perseverance to achieve any given deadlines. She has excellent correspondence and high attention to details, as well as creating and leading an excellent team and cross functional working relationships.

She appreciates her independence and is extremely functional on a freelance basis.

- Creative Writing (English + Arabic)
- Journalism
- Copywriting (English + Arabic)
- Copy Editing
- Proofreading
- Content Management (Online + Offline)
- Content Strategy
- Content Creation
- Content Curation
- Digital Marketing
- Literary Translation
- Literary Criticism
- Research
- Transcription
- Tutoring

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E-mail: nouhiz@gmail.com

نهى عبد التواب مدققة لغوية وكاتبة. تعمل في مجال الصحافة المطبوعة والإلكترونية باللغة الإنجليزية فى الأساس وتكتب بالعربية أيضاً. عملت في عدد من المجلات المصرية ككاتبة ومديرة تحرير ومدققة لغوية ومترجمة. تؤمن بأن الألم شئ أساسي في حياتنا وعلينا ان نتعلم كيفية التعايش معه لكي نسير أفضل. تعشق تفاصيل الأشياء واستكشاف الشخصيات المختلفة وتهوى كعكة التشيز كيك بالتوت. أصدقائها يرونها حكيمة ومستمعة جيدة. تحلم بكتابة كتاب يتصدر أعلى المبيعات.